Latitudinal drift of the solar magnetic fields imbalance

  • Ya.I. Zyelyk Институт космических исследований НАНУ-НКАУ, просп. ак. Глушкова, 40, Киев-187, 03680, Украина
  • O.A. Andreyeva Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Nauchny, 298409
  • N.N. Stepanian Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Nauchny, 298409


The latitudinal drift of the magnetic fields imbalance stream as a whole and the latitudinal drift of the imbalance stream components, possessing certain significant rotation periods are determined. The comparison of these two drift types was performed for the different magnetic field strength ranges on the observation material in the interval of 26 years. The mathematical model of representation of the imbalance in the allocated 5-degree latitudinal bands as multidimensional stationary random process was used.

As a result of the analysis the following facts are established:

  • the structures rotated with the same significant period, are observed in the broad latitudinal range;
  • in the power spectrum for the same latitude there are some significant periods;
  • character of the imbalance magnetic fields latitudinal drift as a whole and the imbalance structures drift rotated with the significant periods, is identical to the fields with nearly equal strengths;
  • for the fields of each considered strength range there is a latitudinal band in which a drift on a meridian is absent.


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