Formation of zebra-patterns of solar microwave bursts due to the propagation of radio waves through inhomogeneous corona

  • Ю.Ф. Юровский Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Nauchny, Crimea, Ukraine, 98409


The dynamic spectrum of radio emission is used for diagnostics of geoeffectivity of the solar flares. Sometimes the spectrum contains almost parallel narrow band strips of radiation, named as a zebra-structure. The great number of hypotheses of their origin is published, but all of them does not take into account the change of signal parameters due to its propagation through the solar corona. The analysis conducted here showed that effects of propagation formed a dynamic spectrum containing the zebra-structure. It is shown that properties of the modeled spectrum coincide with basic features of the spectrum observed. It is found out that the “spike” structure of strips is a natural property of radio wave interference and its existence indicates the interference nature of formation of the zebra-pattern. Consequently the zebra-structure can be formed not in a source of emission, but can arises up as a result of radio wave propagation through the inhomogeneous refractive coronal medium.


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