About increasing photometric accuracy for sets of panoramic observations

  • A.A. Shlyapnikov Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Nauchny, 298409


A method for increasing accuracy in performing photometry of a significant number of objects in an image is described. Series of stellar observations before and after using the proposed method are demonstrated. We present coefficients of pair correlation for the selection of field objects for which photometric reduction is performed. The application of the method on a specific example was shown to increase the accuracy of brightness estimates by a factor of 3.6.


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Shlyapnikov A., 2017. Izvestiya Krymskoi Astrofizicheskoi Observatorii, vol. 113, no. 1, pp. 88-91. Available at: https://jn.craocrimea.ru/index.php/izvcrao/article/view/453 (Accessed: 1December2020)
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