Evolution of the external stellar magnetic field during gravitational collapse

  • V.G. Kryvdyk Киевский национальный университет имени Тараса Шевченко, ул. Владимирская, 64/13, Киев,


During the gravitational collapse the radius of a star decreases significantly, and its magnetic field will grow, reaching the extreme values at the final stage. The variable magnetic field will generate a vortex electrical field, which also grows very rapidly with decreasing stellar radius. This field will accelerate charged particles, forming the magnetosphere around a collapsing star. This leads to the fact that already at the early stages of the collapse a star will generate the strong magnetic field and powerful magnetosphere consisting of relativistic charged particles which will generate a nonthermal electromagnetic radiation, moving in the magnetic field. This radiation may be a signal that the star is at the last stage of its evolution.


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