Peculiarities of asymmetry of the solar activity at different time intervals

  • U.M. Leiko Астрономическая обсерватория Киевского национального университета им. Т. Шевченко, ул. Обсерваторная, 3, Киев, Украина,


We report the results of investigation of the north-south asymmetry of solar magnetic fields. The analysis is based on the greenwich sunspot data time series SQ, solar mean magnetic field (SMMF) and large-scale solar background magnetic field (SBMF) time series.

The extrema of cumulative sum SQ indicate intervals of dominant activity of the north hemisphere (1910–1980) and south hemisphere (1875–1910, 1980–2012) and long-term period of about 160 years. The linear trend of SQ cumulative sum is positive but linear trend of SBMF cumulative sum is negative at all the investigated interval. SMMF cumulative sum has two maximums (1982 and 2005) and one minimum (1991–1998) so we observe the whole asymmetry cycle of the global solar magnetic field of about 23 years. All three cumulative sums have maximum in 1980 and negative linear trend at the interval 1980–2012.


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