The Earth’s rotation: Why 24?

  • V.A. Kotov Crimean Astrophysical Observatory of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Nauchnyi, Ukraine


We show that the best commensurate period of the spinning rate of 13 largest fast-rotators of the Solar system is equal to 9800(240) s. It coincides, within the error limits, with the cosmological period tcc ≈ 9600.6 s, which, in turn, occurs to be in close 1:9 resonance with the Earth rotation. The phenomenon is explained from the point of view of the Wilczek’s “crystals of time”, synchronized by the tcc rhythm of the “universal clock”, and under condition of “quasi-quantum” state of central cores of planets and large asteroids.


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Kotov V., 2013. Izvestiya Krymskoi Astrofizicheskoi Observatorii, vol. 109, no. 3, pp. 195-198. Available at: (Accessed: 2December2020)
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