On variability of Vega

  • V.V. Butkovskaya Crimean Astrophysical Observatory of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Nauchnyi, Ukraine


Over 60 years Vega has been accepted as a standard star in the near infrared, optical, and ultraviolet regions. But nowadays the 21-year spectral and spectrophotometric variability of Vega is detected. Vega also demonstrates a short-term unexplained variability. Recent spectropolarimetric studies of Vega have revealed the presence of a weak magnetic field on the star. We have analyzed own results of Vega’s magnetic field measurement, which were obtained in CrAO during 15 years, and suspected the variability of the field due to stellar rotation. The results of Vega’s variability studies are summarized in this paper.


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