Solar and heliospheric space projects

  • V.D. Kuznetsov Институт земного магнетизма, ионосферы и распространения радиоволн им. Н.В. Пушкова РАН, Троицк, Москва, Россия, 142190


The paper provides a review of the state of the art and prospects of space researches in heliophysics. The currently operating space missions (Hinode, SDO, STEREO, etc.) are prepared to be replaced by new ones, such as the Interhelioprobe, Solar Orbiter, Solar Probe, etc. aimed at observing the Sun from the close distances and from out-of-ecliptic positions, as well as at conducting in-situ measurements in the vicinity of the Sun and outside the ecliptic plane. The planned coordinated observations within the frames of these missions will allow us to explore the structure and dynamics of magnetic fields in the polar regions of the Sun, to study the mechanisms of the solar dynamo and solar cycle, to gain a deeper insight into the process of heating of the solar corona and solar wind acceleration, and to get a response to a number of other pressing issues of heliophysics.


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