Evolution of the Sun and the Earth: The (un)known period of 1.035 years

  • V.A. Kotov Crimean Astrophysical Observatory


Magnetic field of the Sun is changing with a mysterious 1.035(5)-year period. An attempt to get its explanation leads to the conclusion that (a) the Sun and the Earth possess a privileged reference system and (b) our Universe is provided by an absolute space (the Sun, with respect to the latter, is speeding with velocity 369 km s-1 towards the Leo constellation).


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Kotov V., 2013. Izvestiya Krymskoi Astrofizicheskoi Observatorii, vol. 109, no. 1, pp. 232-253. Available at: https://jn.craocrimea.ru/index.php/izvcrao/article/view/321 (Accessed: 4December2020)
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