Characteristic times of wind variability in classical T Tauri stars

  • E.V. Babina Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
  • S.A. Artemenko Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
  • P.P. Petrov Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
  • K.N. Grankin Crimean Astrophysical Observatory


Observations of short-term variability of wind in classical T Tauri stars DR Tau and RW Aur are presented. As an indicator of the wind density, the ratio of H and K CaII equivalent widths is used, because H CaII emission is absorbed by the blue-shifted Hϵ formed in the expanding wind at –120 km/s. We found that the wind density in DR Tau and RW Aur varies with the characteristic time of 4 to 5 days, which is somewhat shorter than rotational periods of the stars. The results are interpreted in the framework of the conical wind model, where cyclic repetitions of the accretion and wind events are caused by interactions of the stellar magnetosphere with the ionized gas at the inner edge of the accretion disk.


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Babina E., Artemenko S., Petrov P., Grankin K., 2013. Izvestiya Krymskoi Astrofizicheskoi Observatorii, vol. 109, no. 1, pp. 92-102. Available at: (Accessed: 2December2020)
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