Characteristics of solar flares and their spatial distribution in solar cycle 22 and the first half of cycle 23

  • Z.S. Akhtemov Crimean Astrophysical Observatory


This paper considers 3246 Hα flares accompanied by X-ray emission with power f ≥ 5 * 10-6wm-2 in solar cycle 22 (CR 1797 – CR 1864). During 33 rotations the specific power of X-ray emission of flares increased monotonically by a factor of 4 from the cycle minimum to its first maximum. The change of the number of flares in each solar rotation is disproportionate to the relative number of sunspots. For the entire time interval it is possible to isolate several longitudinal intervals with increased flare activity. They exist during 5—10 rotations. Characteristics of flares over 33 rotations in cycles 22 and 23 (CR1797 – CR1829 and CR1929 – CR1961) are compared. The Sun is more active in cycle 22 than in cycle 23.


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