Eruptions of quiescent filaments and associated negative bursts

  • I.V. Kuzmenko ФГБУН “Уссурийская астрофизическая обсерватория Дальневосточного отделения РАН”, с. Горно-Таежное, ул. Солнечная, 21, Россия, 692533


Two eruptions of quiescent filaments outside of active regions observed by SDO/AIA in 304 Å on August 16/17, 2013 and on September 02, 2014 have been studied. The eruptions were accompanied by negative bursts observed at several frequencies in the microwave range. The observations directly demonstrate for the first time that a negative burst in the total flux of solar radio emission can appear due to the screening by the material of an eruptive filament of quiet Sun’s areas only. Parameters of the absorbing material were estimated. The area of the absorber was ~ 10 % of the solar disk, and its height above the chromosphere was ≥ 100 Mm. These parameters exceed by a factor of 1.5−2 similar quantities typical of filament eruptions from active regions, when the major cause of negative bursts is the absorption of the emission from compact radio sources. The model estimates of the masses of the ejecta are comparable to the mass of a large prominence.


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