Gradients of the longitudinal magnetic field and movements of spots in high flare activity sunspot GROUPS (two or more X-class solar flares)

  • Yu.A. Fursyak Crimean Astrophysical Observatory


We analyzed the features of morphological structure and magnetic configuration of several sunspot groups of the current solar activity cycle, which had high flare activity (two or more X-class solar flares). Calculations of longitudinal magnetic field gradients in the places of formation of δ-structures of magnetic field configuration were made. We detected a time delay between the growth of the longitudinal magnetic field gradient above the critical level of 0.1 G/km and the start of the first X-class solar flare. The motion of N-polarity sunspot in the NOAA AR11283 in east-west direction was investigated. A growth of the speed of movement of the spot before the M- and X-class solar flares was detected.
When working on the paper we used data of a number of ground-based (150-foot Solar Telescope of the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory, Tower Solar Telescope BST-2 of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory and space (SDO, GOES-15) solar telescopes.


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