Magnetic isolated complexes in solar activity cycle 24

  • V.M. Malashchuk Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
  • V.G. Fainshtein Институт солнечно-земной физики СО РАН (ИСЗФ), а/я 291, Иркутск, Россия, 664033
  • N.N. Stepanian Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
  • G.V. Rudenko Институт солнечно-земной физики СО РАН (ИСЗФ), а/я 291, Иркутск, Россия, 664033


17 magnetically isolated complexes were allocated on the solar images in the HeI 1083 nm line over the period from 2012 to May 2015. All of them were identified in the corona on the solar images in the Fe IX–X 17.1 nm line. While being identified special attention was paid to the continuity of boundaries of the complex. The analysis of arch structures in the corona near the boundaries of the magnetically isolated complexes of solar formations (inside and outside the complexes) showed that more than 80 % of arch structures do not cross the boundaries of the complexes. This confirms the magnetic field isolation inside the complex from the outside magnetic field.

The comparison of location of the long-lived complexes on the map in the 17.1 nm line and the large-scale magnetic field at heights of 1, 1.175 and 2.5 solar radii showed that in the initial stage of development of the complex the large-scale field above it has the same sign. Later blotches of the field with opposite sign appeared, first at great heights, and then at lower ones. The full change of sign of the large-scale field above the complex coincides with collapse of the complex.

Sometimes we observed smaller complexes inside the large ones. The small complex was magnetically isolated from the large one.

The lifetime of complexes is often more than two Carrington solar rotations. 


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