Spectral methods for analysis of solar structures rotation

  • Yа.I. Zyelyk Институт космических исследований НАН Украины и НКА Украины, г. Киев, Украина
  • N.N. Stepanian Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
  • O.A. Andryeyeva Crimean Astrophysical Observatory


Application of methods of spectral analysis for the study of solar structures rotation is considered. Time series characterizing variation of solar radiation in the НеI 1083 nm line in 5-degree latitude zones were used. Three types of spectral analysis were applied: Welch method, Multitaper method and Schuster periodogram method. For the analysis of observation time interval of 26 and 3 years long two first methods have been chosen. Schuster periodogram method is more appropriate for the sliding spectral analysis in a temporal window 1 year long with a half-year shift. Selected methods of power spectra analysis enable to obtain spectral densities, power of significant peaks in them and periods corresponding to them, summarized power in the given period intervals and to estimate validity of the found peaks and intervals in which true values of periods corresponding to peaks can be found.


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